The Idea

Sharing the Brazilian Street food and culture in New Orleans was the real motivation for the founding of this company.  Freshly fried Pastel is coming to the fairs and festivals in all communities in New Orleans. 


The Pastel

Pastel is a typical Brazilian Street Food found all over Brazil in supermarkets, gourmet houses, bars, restaurants, fairs and festivals. It is a favorite across the country!

The options are endless for Pastel – freshly fried dough is stuffed with one of the many types of fillings! The most frequently requested flavors are the Meat Pastel (Ground Beef, tomatoes, cheese and olives), the Chicken Pastel (Chicken breast, tomatoes, olives and hearts of palm) and  the Cheese Pastel (2 kinds of cheese spiced with Brazilian mix of spices). In New Orleans we will also be offering the Shrimp Pastel (Brazilian seasoned gulf shrimp) and the Crawfish Pastel (Cajun-Style).  

The Recipe

Our family recipe started in the mid-1950s when my great-grandfather opened a neighborhood bar “Ponto Chic” in São Joaquim, Santa Catarina. At 15 years old, his daughter—my grandmother—became the pastel supplier once she found her finesse for dough-making and developed recipes for fillings with meats and cheeses.  She never lost her knack for serving delicious pastel and growing up in her home decades later, Pastel was fated to become my favorite food.